Marketing Strategies; What We Need To Know

by on May 27th, 2016

Every corporation, company or multinational corporation today generously spends a huge portion from their budget for the marketing purpose. It is vital to bare these marketing expenses in the beginning of a new product or a service since you will get the chance to earn lot of benefits from that product in the longer run. Therefore it is crucial for every prospective businessman to study the marketing strategies before entering the field. Following are to guide on the same.

New trends

The perception of marketing has changed into different angle with the growth of the competition in the market. Earlier days marketing was only needed to introduce a new product or to introduce a different use of an already introduced product. These new products were there to satisfy different aspects or needs of the customers. As there used to be heterogeneity, marketing was needed only to introduce the product as when the product gets the required attention, it could automatically acquire an acceptable market share and hold its position monopolistically in the market. But in today’s market there are so many products with different brand names to satisfy the same need of the customer. It is obvious that the market should be tackled by the innovative strategies like guerilla marketing, viral marketing, and online marketing to sustain in the competition and to be successful in the long run.

How to choose the best way

It is important to choose the most appropriate method to launch your product or brand. You can get the necessary support from expertise firms like branding consultancy firms which will analyze the aspects of the prevailing market and will choose the best method to launch your product. You can also engage in the study by yourself or with the help of your peers and choose the best way for your product.

Pros and cons of these innovative strategies

These new marketing strategies can be very expensive and challenging but at the same time these strategies are found to be highly effective. Therefore when choosing a method to market the product or service of yours you need to engage in a cost benefit analysis. Strategies like guerilla marketing needs lot of planning to be done at the beginning and also the initial cost will be very high. At the same time this strategy includes a high risk because the success of the product launching will rely on the customer’s reaction to the campaign. Strategies like viral marketing includes a very low cost compared with guerilla marketing. But to get the expected level of success using a method like viral marketing the campaign should include lots of new ideas.

Successfully Organizing An Event

by on May 26th, 2016

When organizing an event, you may often brainstorm along with your friends but when the actual time arrives for you to make decisions, things can go out of hand. Organizing an event is not an easy task to do, lots of things need to be looked at and it would be wise to keep everything coordinated and arranged. Before you jump on to some of the things you need to do, step back and analyze if there are other things that need to be done first. This can save a lot of time and confusion.

You can start off by deciding a budget and writing down the things that will need to be done in order to make this event a success. Write in a chronological manner so that what needs to be done first is kept clear. Afterwards write down the sources you can gain these things from and ways to contact them. If you are getting help from others to do this, print out copies of what you have written and distribute it to them. Furthermore consider their ideas as well as combining ideas can greatly result in a creative result.

There are many places and people you need to get in contact with. Firstly decide who your host is going to be, choose someone who is confident enough and has the potentiality to contribute to the success of the event. Afterwards decide on the number of people who will be invited, this can greatly help in deciding how many of anything you will need later on. Get in touch with professional photographers, buy flower online and have it delivered to you on time, contact caterers and decide on the meals of the event.

Make sure the supply of flowers that you get is enough to decorate the place as it can create a marvelous impression and a delightful experience.

Depending on the theme and concept of your event, you can later on decide on the people you are going to be inviting as speakers. They are an essential part of an event after the host, since they can be extremely skilled in keeping your guests entertained, depending on the topic. When you have an insight to all these things that need to be done, decide on the venue, time, sponsors and partners that will be needed to bring this event to life. To always keep things clarified use a spreadsheet to display who and who are assigned with each task. Furthermore make sure that you show the times that the tasks need to be done on. It needs to be looked at that everything is kept within the budget, and it will be wise to cut down any unnecessary costs as this can help make up to other essential things that need to be done.

Alternatives To A Full Time Job

by on May 26th, 2016

As soon as you finish your education, society will expect you to and in fact pressure you to get your first full time job. We live in a world where being unemployed is considered a shameful thing and therefore most young people will enter the rat race like they are expected to and will remain there, unquestioningly working hard nonstop until they are old enough to retire. This has been the life of almost every young person for decades and even centuries however, today young people are daring to step out of the rat race or not enter it at all by choosing alternative ways of earning money.

Ideas for small home businesses

A small home business gives you the ability to earn money on your own time, be your own boss and earn just as much or even more than a full time job will pay you. You will however need to find something that you are extremely good at to base your new business on. You can choose between handmade cards, handmade décor for weddings and parties, cooking and baking or even starting up your own math tuition centre in Singapore. The type of business that you choose will depend entirely on your own abilities and you do not have to stick to just one either.

In order to widen your earning potential, you could consider starting up two or even three businesses provided you have the time. As an example, you could have your own math tuition center at home while you also sell wedding décor online by using your social media accounts. In fact, this is also a great way to meet people and bring in business for your other business too. In other words, you might have a student whose sister or whose parents are getting married and will already know that you hand make and sell wedding décor.

Similarly, you will have brides and grooms who are coming to you for their invitations and décor who will have someone in their family who requires math tutoring. Your tuition center does not even have to be limited to math. You can opt to teach any subjects that you are fluent in or good at. One of the more interesting things you can do is choose to teach adults English. There are likely to be many workers in your country who have English as their second language and as a result are unable to get well-paying jobs. You can choose to help these people to do better and make a little money in the process too.

Five Steps To Sweep A Normal Girl Off Her Feet!

by on May 26th, 2016

“Girl” can be the one of the most fascinating living creature that God created. It is very hard to determine what to predict or expect of a girl. Most guys would crazy trying to sweep the girl off her feet. But, in all truth, it is one of the easy simple things to do if you very sincere about her and love her enough to tolerate her stupidity and craziness.

1) Start it with the vanilla way – chocolates and roses

All girls will have a weakness, if can be a flower; dogs; cats or any animal! Most of the girls love the flower bouquet because of the uniqueness. Mat sure to write something cliché but not too cliché. All girls love cliché in right amount..

2) Add a bit of surprise and adrenaline

Take her on adventures or even hill climbing or trekking or sky diving. It is will make her relate those adrenaline pumping moments to you and make you look pretty bigger and more loved. Everyone loved the person who males her heart beat faster at the same time she should feel safe with you. I know it does not look simple but with the right girl at right time, it will be the best thing that happened to you. Things would automatically happen.

3) Listen her little problems and make sure not to replicate them

When she is telling you something, listen to it and follow her. It is hard but it will be worth it. Moreover girls in general are sensitive but situations and circumstance change them. But this certainly does not mean that the person has been desensitised, to be truthful they will be more sensitive to things but they are good at hiding feelings and other related things. They give you the hardest shell if you are patient enough to break it you will get the best gift for loved ones.

4) Be a bit possessive and later be sorry for it

Yes you read it right, you should be a bit possessive but later regret it like when some guy is actually flirting with her, be possibly possessive to wade off the guy. Later, say the girl that you know that she hates possessiveness in guys. You just can not help it. You should sweet talks her at the same time, you should understand that there is a small boundary between both.

5) Small gestures mean more

These things might be insignificant to you but it would mean a lot to her. For example, in a crowded street, hold her close to you as though you are frightened to loose her. Make it look casual at the same time you should make it look real.

How To Make Amazing Corporate Videos

by on May 25th, 2016

What goes through your head when you hear these words? Typically, using it sounds a little boring, and probably won’t grab the interest of any of the people you are hoping to show one to. However, the world is changing. The traditional methods of producing a corporate video are quickly fading into the past. Companies are constantly trying to innovate new ways to engage an audience of investors and potential customers. It isn’t just about promotion of the company or the brand anymore. There isn’t nearly as much focus placed on actually selling a product either. Emphasis is placed on effective communication between the companies that make the video and the consumers of the product. This works in both ways, and it is a lot easier to tell stories through video.

Know What You Want and What Relates To It

Remember that your reason for using a corporate video might not be the same every time you use it. For this reason, your videos should never be too similar. Some corporate TV management experts expressly advise against using the same video for different purposes. Some have the intention of raising awareness about the brand or product that you are currently featuring. Others are geared towards increasing the loyalty in customers, or in drawing in new ones. There are even recruitment videos out there to attract prospective employees. You have to think about what you want out of the video. The end result is beyond important. Once you have decided on what you want, you can start thinking about what you can include in the video to make sure it achieves that goal.

Make a Clear Plan for the Future

The details when it comes to corporate video production might escape you, but the truth is that all it takes is a lot of practice to master. Are you a manager by heart? Do you push employees to accomplish their tasks on time or before deadlines, or even worked with them to ensure that you get things done? You are already making progress in production as well. Never be hasty to produce a video.

There is nothing that invites a bad reception more than a video that looks like it was produced in a hurry. Make a clear, concise plan as to what you want to do and how you want to do it. Set yourself a deadline that isn’t too soon in the future. You do not want to run out of time or feel under pressure.

A Gift Giving Guide For A Newborn

by on May 25th, 2016

Buying presents are a daunting affair for most occasions. When you are shopping for a brand new baby, however, this becomes a little more complicated. An infant does not really have interests other than mummy and has limited abilities. Despite these obstacles, you still need to show up to the hospital with something in hand.

The secret to shopping for infants is that it is all about making mummy and daddy’s life easier. It is an added bonus if the little one looks adorable in whatever you have bought him or her. Here are some newborn baby gift ideas that will make everyone happy:


This is one of the easiest things to buy for a little one. It is also the most fun for the adults! You are going to spend a lot longer than you expected cooing over the little outfits. Remember to pick ones that are cosy, comfy, and gentle on that soft skin. Make sure that the clothing is also suitable for the seasons. There is little point in picking warm clothing for summer and vice versa. It is a good idea to check with the parents first to see if they are stocked up on 0 – 3 months clothing. If they are, you should buy sets for the when the little one is a bit older.


It is true that the tot might be a little too young to enjoy playing with toys. This does not mean, however that you cannot make it a newborn baby gift. Once the infant is a bit more coordinated he or she is going to love putting her stuffed animal in her mouth! You should always buy soft toys that do not have any parts that the little one can easily swallow. You should also stay away from objects that are too small or too large.

Bouncy Seat

The new parents may not know it yet but a bouncy seat is going to be their saving grace. To make this an even better experience for both baby and parents alike make sure it is equipped with a vibrating function. Parents can put their little one in this chair when they get a little fussy. It is sure to calm them down with the variety of motion. The toys hanging above will also be a great way to keep the tiny tots occupied.

It might seem a little unusual but you cannot go wrong picking out a present for an infant. You simply have to choose something that is useful and also straight from the heart.

Benefits Of Fast Credit Options

by on May 24th, 2016

No matter how prepared you think you may be in life, there will always be those sudden emergencies that crop up out of seemingly nowhere. More often than not, these cases are financially related and we all know just how difficult money can be to come by especially in situations such as these. It is natural to run into a blind panic although it could prevent you from seeing a solution that is right in front of you. Fortunately, provided you head to the right sources, there are ways out there today of pulling yourself out of such a sticky mess; known under many different names, fast credit options is most apt umbrella term we can refer, and they have many advantages over others as you will see below.


Wondering why you should opt for one of these over the others? Well first of all, they are quick. Unlike other credit options, you need not wait for weeks or even months to get the cash into your hands. Since they are designed for easy lending, the time factor is taken into account. A quick cash loan is great for situations where if one loses their job suddenly and have to pay the rent, they can do so. The loan amount will be cut off from their next pay cheque.


Perhaps one of the best things about such a financial option is its convenience. The hassle of any other form of lending including applying for credit cards can be a long, drawn out process. Which means this of course takes time to come through. One of the reasons people turn to this option is because it is so much easier in comparison to everything else. Convenience is one of the benefits that rank high.


If you are wondering in what sense exactly, think about the fact that with any other option, you are restricted to buying only what you took the money out for. If you take out a quick cash loan in Singapore, you can spend it how you please whether it is for something official or not. Furthermore, since you receive actual notes into your hands, it is much better seeing as how unlike credit cards, you are not simply paying it off a card.


If you are planning to go with an option like this, you should consider your payback mainly because the interest on such borrowing is considerably higher than the rest. So you need to ensure there is some money in your account on the day the lenders deduct what is due to them. You could end up paying quite a bit in charges if you do not meet this, and you may even be going against some of their policies so be extra vigilant and careful.

Benefits Of Using An Enterprise Resource Planning System

by on May 24th, 2016

The most important resource to a business is time. If your business does everything right, but has a system that uses up valuable time then you are falling back tremendously. It’s rather important for business operations to flow seamlessly. Once one operation has been performed, and is now asleep, the other operation should be able to have assurance in the fact that the information available is accurate and can be used to run its own process. One way for this to take place is installing an enterprise resource planning system, to be able to work in real time, combining all departments together. Given below are few advantages of using the best system.

Ability to save money

All programs that are required to run the business are now put into one particular system, which results in a decrease in the use of servers and machines. This in turn reduces the amount of energy used, thus decreasing the money spent on it. Business aspect of analysis, accounting, and tracking of data are all integrated into a system. Once the amount of servers and machines decrease, the need for staff to look after and supervise these are not there anymore, which result in saving from human resource aspects as well.

Increase in productivity

For a business to be successful there has to be a smooth flow of continuous processes. Employees wasting time in trying to find required information, correcting or updating data, and wasting rather valuable time will only result in a decrease of productivity. This is why a proper ERP software has to be integrated into the system to be able to give the employees a strategic advantage. Files in the system will now be quickly accessible, and would not take as much time running programs, thus increasing productivity.

Management of daily processes

You can be a small business, or a fully-fledged multinational. Either way there is going to be a tremendous amount of data that needs to sort out, and stored accordingly, which will require many administrators, and hours of their time. By integrating an ERP software in Singapore into the system, all data will now be stored in one particular location, making it rather easy and quicker to perform all the daily required activities.

Increase in strategic planning

Strategic planning is one of the most difficult aspects of a business. With strategic planning there are a lot of different inputs which need to be entered in order to make calculated decisions, thus implementing an enterprise resource planning system can make this process an easier task, giving way to making suitable decisions for your business.

These are only a few of the many benefits your business can make use of when implementing an enterprise resource planning system. Therefore, if you want your business to run smooth, and be successful, this is the way to go.

Simple Ways To Lose Body Fat

by on May 24th, 2016

As you may already know, losing weight is not at all easy. It requires a great deal of dedication and determination. You need to put your 100% into the task in order to make it successful. Most people think that losing body weight can only be done in one way or another. It is important to understand that this mission is a collective effort. You cannot lose fat be going on a diet or exercising. You need to do them all to make sure that you are able to maintain your shape on the long-term. The following are some steps that you need to follow to make this mission a successful one.

Hit the gym

Yes, it sucks and it is tiring. But if you want to lose all that fat at a short period of time, you need the help of the treadmill and the weights at the gym. Doing weights and cardio can help you to burn the unnecessary fat in your body to a great extent. If you have not used the gym equipment before, it is best to use the services of a personal trainer.

Try doing yoga

Remember that losing weight is not just a physical process. It requires a great deal of self-control and persistence. Thus, you need to get yourself involved in exercises that enhance your physical and psychological well-being. Apart from yoga, you can also try slimming in Singapore. These enable you to lose weight in a much more relaxed way.

Learn a sport

Since losing weight is a stressful process, you need to make it fun and exciting. Although slimming therapy and yoga is relaxing, it is not entirely a fun thing to do. On the other hand, sports can be quite exciting. Learn to a play a sport that involves a lot of physical activity. This could be soccer, basketball, tennis or even swimming. This way, you will be able to lose weight without being grumpy all the time.

Cut the carbs

As much as you love croissants and pancakes, you need to remember that these kind of food can ruin your diet. You need to replace such items with more protein-rich food items. Eat more meat and vegetables. Include vegetables that have high levels of protein such as broccoli, celery, cabbage, etc. There is no point in going to the gym if you are going to keep swallowing carbs.

Remember that all these efforts need to be consistent. You cannot take breaks or cheat when losing weight. If you do, you will not be able to see positive results.

Appeal Of The Property Speaks A Thousand Words – Hiring A Professional

by on May 24th, 2016

If you’re planning to build your dream home, or upgrading your workplace with an aesthetic appeal, you need to hire a professional. At present, the interior of a store, commercial establishment, dinner, café, etc. is something that draws customers towards these places. Hence, when you’re designing your home, business and so on, these professionals would be the best choice for a good outcome. However, you should be mindful about certain things, when you’re hiring them. You should screen through the pool of options and find the best professional to hand over the job to. 

If the home or workplace doesn’t look as how you planned and imagined, you would be greatly disappointed. On the other hand, there’s no way of reversing the process, once the building project is completed. As a fact, communication between the client and contractor plays a major role, when avoiding such disappointing situations. With that said, here are some tips for choosing a good interior designing contractor for your project: 

•Registration and license 

To begin with, you should examine the credentials of the contractors who are employed in the interior design company in Singapore. Never hand over the project without proof of contractor’s qualifications, trainings and experience in this field. On the other hand, clarify if the professional has up-to-date or current licenses in order to work on a project. 

•Happy clients – previous projects 

Additionally, list out the services that you wish to hire the company for. Afterwards, screen through feedback of previous clients who’ve worked with these companies. Have they offered completed the work on time, suggestions on the designs, etc. Skim through previous projects shared on their websites. 

•Meet in person – interviews 

In order to come up with the best interior design plan, you need to collaborate with the professional interior design company. As a fact, set an appointment and interview them. During the interview, gather more information about the company, past projects and networks. 


After, you’ve discussed about your requirements and interests with potential companies, the decision to selecting a company would be much easier. However, you should consider the services that are included in the quotations. Make it a point to compare the quotes between the final options before selecting the best pick. 

These aforementioned tips are very useful to those, who are in search of professional contractors to coordinate and work with. Moreover, whether it’s a residential or commercial project, it should be handled according to practicality and client’s interests. As a fact, consider these tips and screen through the options thoroughly.

Some Basic Facts About USB Flash Drives

by on May 23rd, 2016

If you skim through articles and other posts regarding the development and advancement of technology, you’d be amazed. At present, if you visit any of the electronic stores, you would be able to see various gadgets. These are designed for customers to perform various tasks. Of all the electronic devices, gadgets and others available in the market, there’s a continuous demand for various storage devices. For instance it wouldn’t be incorrect to say ‘gone are the days of floppy disks’, which were popular storage tools. You yourself would have used it to store various documents and files. These external tools were useful for storing and transferring from one computer to another.

However, at present, there are better storage tools that are compatible with range of computer systems. Moreover, there are many other benefits that of using these storage tools. Of these, flash drives are popular tools that comes in handy, such as the 16 GB pen drive, when you are required to transfer various files from one system to another, access Wi-Fi and many more. These small gadgets are helpful in saving up any type of file. With that said, here are some basic facts about these external storage tool:

 A USB flash drive is a mobile storage device that is compact and used instead of other tools such as floppy disks and CD ROMS. Even though CD ROMS are still in use, flash drives are much more popular today. Moreover, these USB devices are given different names from various manufacturers such as pen drive, jump drive, USB memory stick and many more.

 These USB devices can be plugged into any of the available USB ports in computers, tablets and more. The data files can be stored, retrieved and deleted faster to and from various devices.

 On the other hand, these portable storage gadgets are very lightweight therefore, it’s easy to carry around anywhere. Moreover, you could find these in different volume capacities such as 4GB, 8GB, 16 GB pen drive and so on.

 Furthermore, you could find most of these devices designed by various companies and brands such as Sand Dick, Kingston and many more. Unlike in the past, almost every pen drive is recognized with various operating systems such as Windows, Mac and so on.

 Additionally, it’s considered a safe external storage option over other mediums such as CD ROMS, floppy disks, etc. because is dust proof, sealed from magnetic currents.

When you’re searching through various these products, you have a range of options to choose from. Therefore, depending on the frequency of usage and size of files you wish to store, you should choose a flash drive. Moreover, the basic facts stated about USB flash drives in this article are for informative purpose.

Benefits Of Taking A Break From Your Busy Lifestyle

by on May 22nd, 2016

Our lifestyles today have not only proved to be extremely monotonous but they have also caused most members of the society to exhibit a number of indications of being overly worked.

Being stressed out while performing the duties required of you is not something we, as humans are programmed for. And this is the most common reason that a lot of people end up with pressure and anxiety attacks.

It is true that to succeed, you will need to work hard; but learning to work smart is something that you as an individual will need to learn how to do. It could be something less time consuming like going for a body therapy or choosing to take a long break or a vacation away from the everyday stress that you face.

Here are a few reasons why choosing to take some time to relax can actually have a positive effect on your productivity at work as well.

Helps you stay focused

By choosing to take some time to have a relaxing swedes massage, you will then be able to focus more on the work at hand. This particular massage can help to not only relax the muscles but will also soothe the brain, helping you to organize your work and think a lot clearer than before. You will therefore be able to prioritize work with a much clearer view on how a particular job should be handled.

Helps you to have a clearer perspective

It will also help you to have a much clearer perspective. This typically means that you will be able, as mentioned above, to deal with the tasks given to you in the most effective and efficient manner available. You will also be able to deal with situation with the utmost care and consecutive manner. This will make you not only a good employee but a responsible worker.

Allows you to be more productive

And finally, because of your increased ability to be able to able to deal with things in the most effective manner, you will thereby increase your productivity. This will allow you to not only be known for just how productive you are but will also provide you with a chance to climb the corporate ladder. This is because you will be known to be an individual that is able to not only keep up to his or her word, but is also able to work with the least amount of supervision and provide positive results.

By choosing to look into your personal life and make a change there, you will thereby go up in life by leaps and bounds.

Checklist For Choosing An Executive Flat With Essential Amenities

by on May 22nd, 2016

Are you in search of a serviced rental flat to stay over during the course of an international conference you plan to attend? If you’re planning to stay few extra days to enjoy the country, this is an option that would serve you best. Staying over at a hotel might be the option that you might have thought of before, but the costs are high for longer stays. In fact, there are many types of accommodations that you could purchase or stay on rent. Especially, fully furnished flats are a popular choice among many individuals. So, if you’re attending a business in another region or you’re travelling to an affiliated college for a training program, this is an accommodation worth your money. In fact, there are many deals that are offered in the market today.

How does the idea of having to arrange the room, while you’re on vacation feel? Or, you’re travelling to meet a client for business purposes and you don’t have time to worry about arranging the room. Given the above, if you’re considering staying in one of these types of accommodations, you might need some help choosing a flat. So, what are the features that you should look for in these types of accommodations? Here’s a checklist that would be helpful for selecting from a range of these accommodations:

• Basic services

When you’re searching for good executive apartments for a long stay, you need to look into the basic services that are offered. These include the following;

– 24/7 reception services
– 24/7 security guard and monitors (CCTV)
– Bellboys
– Cleaning services (room service) and so on.

• Furnishings and fittings

Furthermore, when you’re checking through websites for these types of accommodations, look for reviews and feedback of customers about the furniture. For instance are they in good condition? Is it comfortable for people to use? Moreover, are the fittings in tact? Are they damaged and causes inconvenience to the individuals and so on? Also, look for reviews regarding the overall state or condition of the apartment building.

• Amenities

Additionally, when you’re searching through various executive apartments in Melbourne look for additional amenities offered to customers. These include the following;

– Fully air conditioned apartment
– Pool facility
– Gym
– Parking space (for those hiring rental vehicles)
– Kitchen or restaurant dining area and more.

Depending on the budget, you might not be able to find an accommodation that matches all the items in the checklist. However, you could adjust the list according to your affordability and services that you’re in need. Whether it’s for official or personal stay, choose the best flat that is fully furnished and enjoy numerous benefits.

3 College Courses That Will Boost Your Resume

by on May 19th, 2016

Not every college course is made equal. Some will help you land a job in the future, and some will only take up space on your transcript. Along with the courses required for your major and minor for you to graduate with a degree, your employment prospects in the future will be immensely improved by one or two course that you can choose to take for extra credit. Here is a list of such courses you should really consider taking:

1. Regional Languages

If you go to a liberal arts college, you will required to take credits on a foreign verbalization up to intermediary level. Most people choose the second language they have studied at school. However, in college, it would be more helpful to choose a language that will benefit you in the career that you hope to pursue. For example, if you are a business major, a Chinese class will be a lot more helpful for your career than a six credits in Spanish. If you are an economics major with focus on development, you should try learning Hindi or Swahili. However, if you an international relations major, just about any language will do.

2. Basic Programming

If you are majoring in math or computer science, you will take courses in programming of course. However, even if you are learning biology, history, linguistics or even music, basic programming training will immensely help you in the future. Just about everything is digitized these days, and employers seek employees who can manipulate such programs. Also, with a basic programming training you will be able to learn advanced skills online for free and maybe even launch a separate career in that field.

3. Writing

When you take that Chinese class, make sure they teach you how to write well in that language. Regardless of the field you are engaged in, you will need an ace set of writing skills. In life, in any job, employees are expected to write project reports, research papers, blog posts, social media posts and an array of other material. If not, you will end up spending a fortune in the future on freelance writers. Bad writing skills will make employers perceive you as impaired in some way. Therefore, take several credits in a writing course offered at your college. If possible, take writing lessons in the foreign language you learn as well. 

The above will not ensure that you get employed, but will certainly give a much needed boost to any resume. Employers prefer job seekers with diverse sets of skills that have practical use, like the ones you can gain from the courses above.