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Different Types Of Lasers Used For Beauty Treatments

Given the advancement of technology, there are many ways you can get out of feeling embarrassed about any type of wound that may have been caused by an accident, or even surgery, because procedures now can make it look like nothing ever happened. If you ever feel like considering to go through with certain cosmetic procedures make sure you first research about the procedures out there, and also consult a good dermatologist to find out about what type of treatments may suit your condition or situation. One of the popular ways treatments are conducted are through lasers. Given below are the types of skin laser treatments.

Laser resurfacing

Any scarring of the skin is usually removed off with the use of an extremely powerful laser that usually tightens the skin and smoothens the skin to look rejuvenated without any scarring insight. These procedures are done at the doctors’ clinic itself, and takes about one to two hours. Each patient will be provided with a pair of google in order to protect one’s’ eyes from the powerful laser, and then put under local anesthesia to perform the actual laser process. Once the laser is started it completely removes all the unwanted damaged skin cells to make the wound look like it never happened.

The process of laser resurfacing involves two different types of lasers, which include CO2 laser, and YAG laser that have completely different qualities to them. The CO2 laser is used to remove any scarring that affected the skin a little more deeper and thicker than the others. Since the penetration is rather deep, unlike any acne scar treatment this procedure tends be much painful with recovery time ranging to about two to three weeks. The YAG laser on the other hand is much less powerful, and is used while treating less deep scars. As opposed to CO@ laser, the procedure is less painful, while the recovery time is decreased to about one week.

Nonabrasive laser resurfacing

This type of laser procedure heats up the inner layers of the scarred area, only to probe the initiation of the production of new skin cells to be able to replace the ones that have already been damaged. This type of lasering is used for something as abrasive as an acne scar treatment in Singapore, and while it takes only a mere 30 minutes to perform, it also causes a lot of pain since it affects the inner layers of the skin. Also since the laser only affects the inner layers as opposed to the surface, it may take quite a few months to be able to see any actual results, but with the increase of the amount of treatments the visibility of the new skin will show.

Fractionated laser resurfacing

This laser uses light beams to reach deeper into the skin, while making way for new skin cells to be produced. This together with prevalent healthy skin surrounding the affected area will work together to make area look fresh and new. All though it may require of you to get done several treatments for significant results, the recovery time is little to none, making it a viable procedure too.

According to what your requirement it you will be able to get a procedure done on an affected area, but make sure you and your doctor are on the same page. Click this link for more information about non surgical facelift procedures Singapore.