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Five Steps To Sweep A Normal Girl Off Her Feet!

“Girl” can be the one of the most fascinating living creature that God created. It is very hard to determine what to predict or expect of a girl. Most guys would crazy trying to sweep the girl off her feet. But, in all truth, it is one of the easy simple things to do if you very sincere about her and love her enough to tolerate her stupidity and craziness.

1) Start it with the vanilla way – chocolates and roses

All girls will have a weakness, if can be a flower; dogs; cats or any animal! Most of the girls love the flower bouquet because of the uniqueness. Mat sure to write something cliché but not too cliché. All girls love cliché in right amount..

2) Add a bit of surprise and adrenaline

Take her on adventures or even hill climbing or trekking or sky diving. It is will make her relate those adrenaline pumping moments to you and make you look pretty bigger and more loved. Everyone loved the person who males her heart beat faster at the same time she should feel safe with you. I know it does not look simple but with the right girl at right time, it will be the best thing that happened to you. Things would automatically happen.

3) Listen her little problems and make sure not to replicate them

When she is telling you something, listen to it and follow her. It is hard but it will be worth it. Moreover girls in general are sensitive but situations and circumstance change them. But this certainly does not mean that the person has been desensitised, to be truthful they will be more sensitive to things but they are good at hiding feelings and other related things. They give you the hardest shell if you are patient enough to break it you will get the best gift for loved ones.

4) Be a bit possessive and later be sorry for it

Yes you read it right, you should be a bit possessive but later regret it like when some guy is actually flirting with her, be possibly possessive to wade off the guy. Later, say the girl that you know that she hates possessiveness in guys. You just can not help it. You should sweet talks her at the same time, you should understand that there is a small boundary between both.

5) Small gestures mean more

These things might be insignificant to you but it would mean a lot to her. For example, in a crowded street, hold her close to you as though you are frightened to loose her. Make it look casual at the same time you should make it look real.

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