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How To Keep Yourself From Going Insane When You’re Home Bound?

Are you injured and advised to keep yourself at home? Do you feel you’ll go insane, having to be stuck at home for weeks? If so, here are a few tips to help you out…

Keep yourself and your surrounding clean

When you are bed bound, it’s easy to be a slob; eating and sleeping in the same place. In fact, some people consider it a luxury when they are injured or feeling a little under the weather. However, after a few days this same “luxury” can turn into irritation. Keep your surrounding clean, and try and always stay in a well lit room. It is preferable if the “lighting” happens with natural light. Remember to keep yourself clean as well. If you find washing yourself and keeping your surrounding clean is just too hard to manage, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for help. Trust us, they’ll be more than happy to help…

Do all the chores that you can manage to do yourself

If you begin to feel useless, simply willing the hours away, it’s mostly due to your inactiveness. It’s true that you can’t be up and about, helping out or performing your usual chores. But with a few technological shortcuts, you’ll find that you can do more than you think. Take grocery shopping for example. Using the internet, you can shop at online grocery delivery Singapore, making it unnecessary for you to leave home. It’s an additional advantage that you’ll be feeling more useful; being able to help out with the chores at home…

Keep yourself entertained; make use of the time you are stuck in place

Depending on the nature of your injury, you’ll be having a lot of spare time at hand. Instead of simply lying on bed and letting negative thoughts surround you, try to keep yourself entertained. This is, of course, apart from doing things like online grocery shopping. Catch up with movies and TV series’, read books, listen to podcasts, or if you have hobbies that can be enjoyed seated in one place, indulge in them. Apart from this, this is also a great time to teach yourself something new, or refresh yourself on something you have forgotten; like a language or a skill. 

Avoid sleeping during the day, so you can sleep better at night

One of the prime reasons for feeling irritated and grouchy while recovering from an injury, is the lack of night time sleep. Either due to your medications or due to sheer boredom, if you find yourself falling asleep a lot during the day, it’s inevitable that you will be loosing sleep at night¾thus, resulting in irritability. You best option is to keep yourself occupied enough so you don’t nap a lot during the day; or to keep the naps to a maximum of 20 minutes, so it doesn’t interfere with your night sleep.