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Protecting Yourself From Backache At The Office

It is a sad fact that most working adults spend all of their nine hours of work seated in a chair in the most uncomfortable of positions. The sad thing is that most offices fail to buy high end chairs that are made for the back and spine, but instead opt for the cheapest office furniture available in order to stick to a particular budget. If you are a person who spends the majority of your time sitting in a chair at work, you too may have experienced backache at least once. The truth is that backache and spine ache is very common among young people today and even older people who work a full time job and a solution needs to be found, urgently.
Special furniture built for long term use
Specialists and medical professionals have identified this problem that has been going on since the advancement of computers and have developed special furniture that has been developed especially for the office worker in mind. These ergonomic chairs in Singapore and tables are built for the officer worker who sits in his chair for long hours every day.

However, these specially developed ergonomic chairs and other furniture tend to cost a lot more than the average comfy office chair and therefore convincing your office to invest in them might be somewhat of a task.
Compare costs
In most cases, your boss and you human resources team will look at the situation from one side and one sider only, money. They will fail to look at the bigger picture. It is up to you and your team to present to your management and your human resources team the facts and a cost comparison of the ill effects of a cheap office chair and a high end specialist chair. You will first need to show your boss how much money the company will lose if one employee is injured or hurt by the use of cheap chairs. If this employee is someone who is responsible for bringing in business, the company will lose a lot by him being at home, sick.
Similarly, a backache or spine ache caused by cheap office furniture is classed as an injury at work and the office will be liable to pay medical bills for anyone who suffers such an injury, another huge cost that the company will need to bare for not one employee but many who will face similar issues. When compared, your boss is far more likely to save money in the long run by investing in high end body friendly office furniture.