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Random Outings Will Not Build A Group

Though getting the team to interact or engage in an activity outside the work environment is encouraged. Experts suggest that they will not provide the expected results if proper planning is not undertaken. Some employees even consider the activity pretty lame and ineffective.  

It is considered a wise investment as team engagement activities are said to foster trust, encourage creativity and make communication easier. However simply taking your staff on a trip to compete with each other can hardly do the job. So how does an organisation plan and organise corporate team bonding Singapore initiatives that will actually bring positive results to an organisation? Here are a few suggestions recommended by experts.  

Bonding or getting to know a person will not happen overnight or just because you get them to sit next to each other at a training. A relaxed and non corporate environment has to be created to make employees feel comfortable and free. It is recommended that organisations should not make every outing about corporate goals. They should make it about employees and their well being. For example a musical concert or a relaxed lunch or celebration is recommended. However these sessions must be informal and discussion of office issues or politics should be avoided. Simply letting them enjoy an outing together is said to work better.  

Making it exciting and out of the box is also a great way to bring people together. The routine office trip or sports meet is said to be too boring and outdated now. Instead managers are recommended to look for things employees like to experience or a place they cannot afford to go on their own. Such team building activities that help towards overcoming some fears also can make a team bond together. For example there will be some who fear heights or speed, so organising an outing that will encourage them to face these fears as a group is said to work wonders.  

Employees need to feel that the company cares for them, so when organising such events real investment has to be made. It is not about splurging unnecessarily, but employees need to feel taken care of and invested in. Therefore, careful thought and planning needs to be put in to place to organise an event or activity that will motivate and keep employees happy. Working to help each other at personal difficulties can also go along way. Eg: a team working together to raise funds to help treat a gravely ill person or persons.   

The excitement or joy felt at such events or outings need to be made part and parcel of daily office life. It should not be a singular event. Regular team interaction and communication must be implemented. This should go beyond simple board room meetings and presentations and should be informal gathering where daily or monthly progress is discussed with opinions and suggestions. Such sessions can also be places for employees to voice their ideas and share their personal goals and achievements. Such action will foster togetherness and allow celebration of small victories.