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Starting Up Your Own Business

If you are someone that has been working a full time job for as long as you can remember and for as long as you can remember, you have not been able to manage on your monthly wages, then you are not alone. Most people who work in full time positions on monthly wages find it extremely difficult to manage on their wages and often find themselves going in to debt in order to try and manage. Full time employment is called the rat race for a reason. A rat race is defined as a race that a rat runs on a wheel. The rat runs for hours on end thinking that he is running miles and yet, at the end of the day he is still in the same place at which he started.
Deciding on what kind of business to start
The most important thing is to start a business that will require you to make the lowest investment possible or not investment at all. There are many businesses of this type. If you already have your own care, you could consider a corporate chauffeur service or even a taxi service. These types of business have the potential of bringing in a lot of extra money if you market them right.
A corporate chauffeur service in Singapore however will require you to work full time where as a taxi service is something you can do after work or during the weekends in the first few months. This way, you will still have your fixed income coming in while you collect money to be financially independent during your free time. It is far less risky to start a business while you are still working than to give up your job completely to begin a business because many business take a few months to start prospering.

Like a rat race, full time work is a process of working very hard every day of your life to earn money that you will spend at the end of the month on bills and other expenses leaving you financially in the same place as you started. This is a sad story because many young people begin working hard and continue to work hard their whole life however find that they have not managed to save a single cent at retirement to take care of themselves. For this reason, it is always advisable to break away from this rat race, this cruel system at a young age allowing you to earn a living on your own and be your own boss. Click this link for more information about valet services in Singapore.